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Collected Works 1845

The Works of the Reverend Sydney Smith

Collected Sermons

1800. Six Sermons, preached in Charlotte Chapel Edinburgh [np]; also pub. in two volumes, London: Longmans 1801.

1807. A Sermon upon the Conduct to be observed by the Established Church towards Catholics and Dissenters, [np].

1809. Sermons by the Rev. Sydney Smith, London: Cadell and Davies.

1846. Sermons at St Paul’s, The Foundling Hospital, and Several Churches in London, London: Longmans.

1846. Miscellaneous Sermons, Philadelphia: Carey and Hart, (a reprint of Cadell and Davies’s 1809 collection above).

Uncollected Works

1809. Sermon preached before his Grace the Archbishop of York, and the Clergy of Malton, at the Visitation, August 1809, London: Carpenter.

1850. Elementary Sketches of Moral Philosophy, London: Longman, Brown, Green and Longmans.


Austin, S. (ed), (1855) Letters of the The Rev. Sydney Smith, attached as volume 2 to Saba Holland’s Memoir of The Reverend Sydney Smith, London: Longman, Brown, Green and Longmans - see also below.

Smith, Nowell C. (ed), (1953) The Letters of Sydney Smith, Oxford: Clarendon Press.

Smith, Nowell C. (ed) (1956) Selected Letters of Sydney Smith, Oxford: Oxford University Press.

Bell, A. The letters of Sydney Smith. Manchester, The John Rylands University Library of Manchester. 1976.

Uncollected Edinburgh Review Articles.

Edinburgh Review articles not included in Works, above. List drawn up by Dr Sheldon Halpern, who marked those of disputed or doubtful authorship with an asterisk. See, Halpern S. Sydney Smith in the Edinburgh Review: a New List, Bulletin of the New York Public Library, LXVI (1962), 589-602. This is a substantially longer list than that given in George Russell’s Sydney Smith of 1904 (p.227).

Godwin s Reply to Parr, ER, I, i (1802), Art. 3.

* Olivier's Travels in the Ottoman Empire, Egypt, and Persia, ER, I,i (1802), Art. 5.

* Baldwins Political Reflections Relative to Egypt, ER, I, i (1802), Art. 6.

* Voyages dans ... la France . . . , ER, I, i (1802), Art. 10.

* Acerbi's Travels through Sweden, &c., ER, I, i (1802), Art. 24.

* Sonnini’s Travels in Greece and Turkey, ER, I, ii (1803), Art. 2.

* Storch's Picture of Petersburgh, ER, I, ii (1803), Art. 4.

Mad. Necker Reflexions sur Ie Divorce, ER, I, ii (1803), Art. 22.

Accounts of the Egyptian Expedition, ER, II, iii (1803), Art. 4.

* Ritson on Abstinence from Animal Food, ER, II, iii (1803), Art. 13.

* Dr. Craven's Discourses, ER, II, iv (1803), Art. 14.

Jacques Necker Cours de Morale Religieuse, ER, III, v (1803), Art. 8.

Pallas's Travels in the Russian Empire, ER, III, v (1803), Art. 12.

Voyage en Islande, ER, III, vi (1804), Art. 7.

* Observations on Residence of the Clergy, ER, V, x (1805), Art. 3. [1581]

Lancaster's Improvement in Education, ER, XI, xxi (1807), Art. 4. \

Cordiner's Account of Ceylon, ER, XII, xxiii (1808), Art. 5.

Dr. Milner and others on the Catholics of Ireland, ER, XIV, xxvii (1809), Art. 5.

Calumnies Against Oxford, ER, XVI, xxxi (1810), Art. 7. Smith wrote pp. 177-87 of this review.

Walcheren Expedition, ER, XVII, xxxiv (1811), Art. 4.

Waltons Hispaniola, ER, XVII, xxxiv (1811), Art. 6.

Kirkpatrick's Account of Nepaul, ER, XVIII, xxxvi (1811), Art. 8.

Protestant Dissenters, ER, XIX, xxxvii (1811), Art. 6.*

Negotiations for a Ministry, ER, XX, xxxix (1812), Art. 2.

Duke of Sussex on Catholic Question, ER, XX, xxxix (1812), Art. 4.

Mawe's Travels into the Interior of Brazil, ER, XX, xl (1812), Art. 3.

* Lunatic Asylums, ER, XXVIII, Ivi (1817), Art. 8.

The Abbe Georgel, ER, XXX, Ix (1818), Art. 7.

Heude's Voyage and Travels, ER, XXXII, Ixiii (1819), Art. 6.

Burckhardt's Travels in Nubia, ER, XXXIV, Ixvii (1820), Art. 5.

Oxley's Tour in Botany Bay, ER, XXXIV, Ixviii (1820), Art. 8.

Dissenters' Marriages, ER, XXXV, Ixix (1821), Art. 3.

* Craven's Tour in South Italy, ER, XXXVI, Ixxi (1821), Art. 8.

Vaccination and Small-Pox, ER, XXXVII, Ixxiv (1822), Art. 2.

Captain Hall's Journal, ER, XL, Ixxix (1824), Art. 2.

Licensing of Alehouses, ER, XLIV, Ixxxviii (1826), Art. 7.

New South Wales, ER, XLVII, xciii (1828), Art. 4.

Works by and about Sydney Smith:  A Selection

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Biographies: in chronological order.

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